Embassy - Working in Our Communities

Embassy Group believes that giving back to the community is the way forward.
At the heart of this is the belief that knowledge capital is the key to the growth of corporates and communities. Presently, 4000 children benefit from Embassy’s corporate social responsibility programme across 15 government schools. Plans are afoot to support 30 schools over the coming years.

Bringing smiles to students
Embassy Office Parks works closely with “Colours of Life,” a non-profit organization working with government schools and supporting them by building facilities and providing better amenities. This is aimed at bringing universal access to better education to underprivileged children in government schools. Through this initiative, so far 4,000 children in 15 government schools are being supported and nurtured.

Corporate Connect:
Now, corporate park users are joining Embassy Office Parks in this initiative as part of their CSR activities. We are in the process of finalizing working arrangements with four/five of our occupiers to collaborate on these initiatives.
Some of the collaboration programmes include: setting up of computer labs, library programme in association with Kitab Korner, renovation of class rooms and toilets, etc.

Deverbisanahalli Government School will be a beneficiary of a collaborated effort wherein Embassy is working with an occupier from Embassy TechVillage to help solve the water-logging problem.

Embassy Office Parks is scouting for more government schools in the vicinity of the parks. With user participation, this CSR activity is guaranteed to bring smiles to thousands of children and their parents, in our local communities.

Embassy Group’s other CSR initiatives include:

A collaboration for better waste and resource management: Embassy Group’s commitment to sustainability resonates in collaborative efforts with Hasiru Dala conducts door-to-door campaign to educate and ensure on waste – segregation, management and recycling, soil health and water conservation of Tarahunise village in North Bangalore.

Embassy Group supports Zonta Infratech initiated collaboration with BBMP on segregated waste collection for sustainable waste management system as a community responsibility.

“Embassy Group is committed to furthering the right to education, as the way forward for the collective good. As part of its CSR, it has partnered with the NGO Colours of Life and a few other associations which pioneer in the field of providing education to under privileged children.”

– Shaina Ganapathy,
GM, Corporate Affairs
Embassy Group

Sarvagna Health Care Institute – The healing touch for the underprivileged: Embassy Group supports Sarvagna Health Care Institute (SHCI), a not-for-profit trust that works towards improving health among low income communities through an integrated primary care clinic providing dialysis services – a community outreach program.

Pedal for the Planet

Embassy Group encourages sustainable living and all their developments have been an embodiment of that. Through Pedal for the Planet, Embassy Group wants to encourage cycling and take a step towards creating a better, greener planet.

Embassy Group announced its third edition of Pedal for the Planet – 2016 on August 29, in Bengaluru, India with the success achieved in last two editions. It was conceived with an intention to build vibrant communities within office parks whose success has expanded the event to open up for general public. The event was hosted in Embassy Springs, a soonto- be the finest designed township project on a 300 acre land.

Over 700 people participated in the cycling event which was open to all cycling and fitness enthusiasts from various age groups. All proceeds from this event were donated to Colours of Life, our partner non-profit organization that strives to uplift under privileged children by transforming government schools into institutes of excellence.