Accessibility for Differently-Abled at Embassy

Embassy Office Parks are committed to make its campus accessibility compliant and provide their best experience to differently-abled park users. proVISION ASIA, an NGO working in the space of differently-abled people, was engaged to inspect one of the buildings in Embassy Manyata Business Park.
A team of three experts inspected the building and made the following observations:

The building complied to 85% of the needs of differently-abled persons
Requirement to Provide ramps at emergency exit doors leading to safe assembly area
Enabling Braille lift call buttons
Installation of staircase hand-rail to right side wall
Embassy Office Parks will use these observations to improve other buildings in Embassy Manyata Business Park as part of our continual efforts to provide a safe inclusive working environment for all.

Hilton Embassy GolfLinks Wins APAC Quality Award

Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks brings world class hospitality services to the park users. This is part of Embassy Office Parks' vision to colocate business and leisure & hospitality spaces. Hilton has proven yet again that the customer services offered are unparalleled and by winning an APAC award from Hilton Worldwide for great customer service. A lot of things are worked into perfection in this endeavour. Some of our offerings in customer service include:

At Hilton, a first time visitor is picked as the ‘Guest of the Day’ and ensured that they receive all the due attention and all expectations are met
Guests are wowed with their company logo placed on the amenities provided
For those who have been appreciative of the services and keep visiting again, there is ‘Milestone Visit Celebration’ at the hotel
Team members maintain a long stayer tracker which helps them to track individual preferences and requirements of long staying guests

It is indeed a proud moment to Embassy Group and Hilton Embassy GolfLinks that all these efforts have been recognized. It has reiterated confidence in the quality of service provided, which led to winning the APAC award.

Embassy High Risers – Safety first
Lift Safety Audits:

Did you know that there are over 400 lifts in operation in various Embassy Office Parks? And naturally, lift users safety is a serious business. Embassy Office Parks conducts lift safety audits on a rolling three year basis through a third party specialized agency. This time TAC Consultancy and PVN Associates were engaged to do the audits.

Embassy has 307 lifts in total in Embassy TechZone and Embassy Manyata Business Park and 110 lifts in Embassy TechVillage

Lift safety audits have been concluded for Embassy TechZone, Embassy Manyata Business Park and Embassy TechVillage in the first quarter and Embassy GolfLinks will be taken up in the coming quarters of 2016-17.

Audit reports have been impressive with conclusions of lifts being in good health and safe to operate.

Evacuation Mock Drills (Fire Drills):

All occupants of our Parks participate in the mock drill-cum-training session periodically. This is to familiarize them with evacuation procedures, emergency exits and Safe Assembly Area (SAA).

In about eight minutes, 2400 plus employees are evacuated out of a block. Emsafe Fire Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd coordinated the mock drill and briefing the Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Food Truck Calling

Fancy a variety of street food from around the world every day? Now the Jolly Good Food trucks are here at Embassy Office Parks, bringing you mouthwatering street food on a platter. Zoozy Private Ltd, a Bengaluru based food trucks aggregator, has launched its services in Embassy TechVillage to start with and soon this service will roll out in Embassy Manyata Business Parks and Embassy TechSquare.

Zoozy also provides an open café keeping in mind the “Go Green” policy of Embassy Group. It is due to launch the “Go Green” delivery on bicycles for the corporate occupiers of the business park.

Construction Updates
New Buildings, Refurbishing Food Courts and Lobbies

Embassy TechVillage:
The construction activity in Embassy parks are in full progress. In the Wells Fargo building, 80% of slab laying structural work and the civil works on seventh floor are finished while the facade and services are underway.

Column and beams are being erected for the fourth, fifth and sixth floor in the 7 B Primose building and also for block A (Flipkart building) on the eighth and ninth floor, same with blocks G, H, B and C.

Embassy Manyata Business Park:

At Embassy Manyata Business Park the floor and terrace slab concreting has been completed in the L1 and L2 buildings, while installation of glass panel in the north elevation is completed up to eighth floor with firefighting and plumbing works progressing in both the buildings. In L2, the south elevation glass panels are being fixed.

Tempting food courts:

Food courts at our parks are set to get more spiced up shortly. In Embassy Manyata Business Park the refurbishment, scope, design, budget are under finalization. In Embassy GolfLinks, latest designs have been received and the budget & schedules are under preparation.

At Embassy TechVillage, Phase III refurbishment of the food court is underway and due for completion by Dec 2016.

Business at the lobbies:

At Embassy GolfLinks design approvals for seven lobbies are in place and 30% of the onsite work is complete.

At Embassy TechZone in Pune, five lobbies are being re-furbished and 60% of onsite work is complete.

At Embassy TechVillage, design approvals for three lobbies are in place and 30% of the onsite work is complete.