NICE Nest in Pune

Employees at NICE Systems’ new office in Embassy TechZone in Pune are enjoying a new kind of meeting these days – walking meetings.

That is only a part of the attraction for employees at NICE Systems. It is building a contemporary and pleasant work environment reflecting the young and energetic character of this global market-leading analytics software company. NICE Systems is an Israel-based telephone recordings, data security and analytics company. They chose Pune for their India office essentially based on the talent availability. The decision to go with Embassy TechZone is mainly because of the availability of Grade-A office spaces, facilities and ample scope for future expansion.

NICE Systems is building a 2-phased office facility inside Embassy Tech Zone. DSP Architects is designing it to specifications — to be highly functional and supporting agile development methodology. The main open office space is designed to resemble an industrial set up. An open ceiling proudly shows off a methodically planned network of air conditioning ducts, electrical conduits and red firefighting system pipes contrasted on a stark black painted slab. A baffle ceiling on the main aisles compliments this precise geometry, marking the main circulation areas.

“Our staff is enjoying the greenery and open spaces very much and the space allows them to do walking meetings wherein the teams can walk around and have their meetings”

– Eyal Kirchner
VP Global Expansion Initiatives
NICE Systems
The entire office space converges into a central collaboration hub. Planned right in the middle of the facility, this zone is the epicenter for all the energy and vibrancy which radiates through the workspace. It's big collaboration zones, mediascapes, and several intimate discussion set-ups offer various settings for co-working, collaboration, team discussions and some leisure or a chat over coffee. The vibrant neon furniture highlighted with circular suspended lights and ceiling creates the continuum of the futuristic appeal one finds in the reception.

Overall, NICE Systems office is designed to motivate, inspire while being highly functional for its talented workforce.